About Us

Advance Laboratory Services, Inc. (ALS) is a state of the art medical laboratory testing company that offers its clients a wide range of anatomical and clinical testing services.  ALS’ mission is to provide the highest attainable quality of service to its clients.  This will be achieved through hiring the most qualified employees and utilizing the most advanced and reliable testing equipment and methods.

Strategically located in the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, ALS prides itself with fast and accurate turnaround times.  Our fast streamlined service is possible because ALS stays abreast of the latest computer technology, market trends, and research. Using the most reliable reagents, ALS guarantees accurate results.    In addition, ALS delivers it results to its clients through its unique courier and electronic network.

ALS’ clients consist of hospitals, physicians, laboratories, medical groups, and patients.  ALS focuses its attention on a number of clients needs ranging from basic health to diagnosing fatigue and screening for infectious pathogens, including viral, bacteriological, and parastic.  In addition to core laboratory testing, which include chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, and microbiology, ALS also performs specialized testing utilizing cytometry, immunological assay, ELISA, PCR, and RIA.